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hi! this is my personal site where you can find my games, read whatever i've been writing, and peruse some interesting images and links. always a work in progress.
it's late at night
listening to bridesmaids' song, L.U.C. & rebel babel film orchestra
reading ornamentalism, anne anlin cheng
last updated june 30, 2024
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cohost @fish
itch.io @sweetfish
twitter @sweetfishes
mastodon @fish@trilobite.space
JUN 08 2024: new game release: eider cake
FEB 27 2024: added new site buttons. this is also now a member of the neo-interactives webring!
JAN 09 2024: new game release: night confessional
DEC 01 2023: official opening of the site :)
NOV 15 2023: soft launch of this website thanks to pentiment's first anniversary
i have an email address.
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handmade in HTML and CSS, based on a single HTML file and hosted by neocities.

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